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Welcome to Wayfarer Woods

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Hey, my name is Katie!

How it Began

I have been in love with traveling for as long as I can remember but my wanderlust came full force with my first trip to Europe, specifically Italy. 😍 Ever since then, I have been researching, organizing, and planning my own trips. I have discovered that I enjoy planning the trips almost as much as I enjoy being on them!

I wanted to create a space to help others make their travel dreams come true, even if they are not sure what those dreams are yet. I mean with so many places to see, I know my travel dreams never cease to exist!

Photo Location: Yosemite Park, California

Random Facts About Me

  • I live in Philadelphia, PA with my husband, Conner. 🏠

  • My passion for researching and planning trips stems from my love for Math. I earned a Masters in Statistics and can't get enough of data!

  • I love crafting, hiking, going to concerts, ice skating, taking pictures, shopping, and gardening... to name a few hobbies.

  • My go to drink orders are a mocha latte for coffee ☕️ and mojito for cocktail 🍹.

  • Conner and I collect Christmas ornaments from all the trips we have taken together. I'll be sure to share a picture of all our ornaments once we decorate our tree. 🎄

  • I have a dream board to keep track of all of my travel goals, including starting a travel blog!

  • Fall is my favorite season! 🍁 I love the cozy clothes, colorful trees, and everything pumpkin spice.

Photo Location: Maui, Hawaii, Photo Credit: KGHAUS

Follow Along

Traveling is an enriching experience that creates lifelong memories that can be enjoyed by all. Subscribe or follow along on social media to:

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Leave a comment to let me know what content you'd be interested in seeing!


Sep 26, 2023

Great idea... l'Il be interested in seeing how your travel planning and templates work along with some of your cost saving tips.

I like the "touch of class" look in your photos... it appears like you guys are having a great time! (Korsz)

Katie Woods
Katie Woods
Sep 27, 2023
Replying to

Thanks, Korsz! Appreciate the kind words and support!


Sep 26, 2023

Hi, just discovered your Blog. It looks very nice! I’m looking forward to seeing it develop and visit more often. Good luck!!!

Katie Woods
Katie Woods
Sep 26, 2023
Replying to

Thanks, earmstrong159!


Hey, I'm Katie!

I love planning trips almost as much as I love traveling! I started Wayfarer Woods to allow others to feel less intimidated by the travel planning process. My tips and tricks will help you plan any type of adventure; from an overnight stay in a neighboring city to traveling across the world for weeks on end.

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