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Be a Tourist in Your Own Town: 🍁 Fall Edition 🍁

If you are having the urge to get away but can't for whatever reason, play a tourist close to home. Even driving an hour out can be enough to make you feel like you are getting away!

Seasonal activities are a perfect way to explore different parts of your area! Besides the opportunity to discover new places, you also get to experience the delicious fall flavors, crisp scents, and stunning scenery.

There are two ways to find attractions near you:

  1. Decide the specific town/city you want to explore - Are you visiting your town, a neighboring town, day tripping, or staying overnight somewhere? Once you determine the location you can search to see what seasonal activities they have to offer.

  2. Choose your attraction first - Decide which activity you want to try and find a location near you. Depending on the attraction you may have ample options of places to visit.

Either way, Google or social media can be your best friend when researching where to go. Below are some fall attractions to get your fall exploration juices flowing!

Fall Attractions

🍎 Apple Orchard: Don't be fooled by thinking the only thing to do at an apple orchard is pick your own apples. Most orchards offer a market with delicious apple treats and drinks (my personal favorite are apple cider donuts 🤤), along with hay rides, instagram photo spots, and some even have pumpkin and flower picking as well!

🎃 Pumpkin Patch: Pick the perfect pumpkin(s) and gourd(s) that can be dual purpose as holiday decor. A lot of pumpkin patches have fun fall activities and food for people of all ages.

🍁 Fall Festivals: There are no limits to the potential fall festivals in your area! I have been to fall festivals that are focused on art, scarecrows, pumpkins, apples, corn, hayrides, etc., the possibilities are truly endless.

🍺 Oktoberfest: If you're lucky, your town has an authentic Oktoberfest that can let you feel like you have escaped to Germany for the day. They could even have guests dressed in lederhosen, with not just a variety of beer but delicious food too!

🥾 Hiking/Walking Trails: Get some fresh air while enjoying the natural beauty autumn has to offer by going to a park or finding a hiking trail.

✨Use All Trails if you are unsure of hiking trails in your area. The app is a great source and includes comments from other hikers that can give you additional insights for your trails of interest.

📍Local Attractions: Your local attractions may have some special events or exhibits to celebrate fall. For example, the local aquarium, zoo, and arboretum in the Philadelphia area each have their unique fall spin: the aquarium has animal pumpkin sculptures, the zoo has trick-or-treating, and the arboretum has an ongoing scarecrow contest.

🚂 Scenic Train Ride: Check to see if there is a scenic train ride near you. It is the perfect way to take in the fall colors while staying warm. Some trains even offer dinners or cocktail options if you want to make the train ride even more special.

👻 Haunted/Halloween Attractions: It wouldn't be fall without some spooky attractions! A lot of amusement parks have after dark hours that include multiple haunted houses and actors in costume walking around for an extra unexpected scare. If amusement parks aren't your scene, check to see if there are any local haunted houses, special scary movie showings, or even haunted hayrides. There could be local places that are considered haunted and have special events in October - for example, we have the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.

These are just some examples of the autumn attractions that could be near your area! Following your town's social media pages or being on the lookout for flyers at local shops are a great way to see what is to come in your area. Of course, just searching for general attractions online or within social media is a great way of finding something new as well! (I find Instagram and TikTok the best when looking for general attractions - like "Philadelphia pumpkin patch" for example)



Hey, I'm Katie!

I love planning trips almost as much as I love traveling! I started Wayfarer Woods to allow others to feel less intimidated by the travel planning process. My tips and tricks will help you plan any type of adventure; from an overnight stay in a neighboring city to traveling across the world for weeks on end.

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